The jury sentenced Dallas police Officer Amber Guyer, who was found guilty of murder after fatally shooting her neighbor 26 Yr. old Bothem Shem Jean in his own home. Guyer was found guilty by a jury of 8 women & 4 men on Sept. 26th. Today Wednesday the courtroom heard more evidence from the prosecution during the sentencing phase, including racially insensitive text messages Guyger shared with other officers – including her former partner and extramarital lover Sgt. Martin Rivera. According to CBS News  During the 2018 Martin Luther King Day parade a message sent to Guyger said,

“When does this end lol”. She responded, “When MLK is dead… oh wait….”

Prosecutors also showed the jury some of Guyger’s alleged social media posts that promoted police violence against civilians. One banner she posted said,

“I wear all black to remind you not to mess with me, because I’m already dressed for your funeral.


In my personal opinion justice was not served this is no victory for the victims family and other victims of police brutality & unjust killings of unarmed Blk. civilians. Amber Guyer was a mean spirited and racist clear as day as her text messages show. this raises  any questions to me how the jury found her guilty of such a horrific act of violence and no respect for human life, but was not given more time than 10 years. Her only defense as a Dallas Police Officer who are trained at the academy to be aware of there surroundings at all times and to make sound judgements, was that she had mistaken the victims apartment for her own and thought he was an intruder. This is very shocking and alarming to me that she could mistake this mans apartment for her own and even if so the man was unarmed. As a trained police officer that had her gun drawn. The so called intruder could have been taken into custody without any discharging of a firearm. It seems we live in a era of shoot 1st ask questions last and that has been the narrative for many years across the country with law enforcement. To me the 10 yr. sentence was just another slap in the face to the Blk. community further insinuating that police have the authority to take lives with little to no repercussions. By no means am I saying 10 years is not a long time but when all the evidence has been presented to you in this case, it seems to me that this police officer who clearly had no business being on the force based off her views as shown in the text messages just got a slap on her wrist. What are your thoughts on this?  

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