New “Make The Devil Pray” from Xp The Marxman

Xp The Marxman released “Make The Devil Pray” on all streaming platforms. The album has an impeccable line up with a solid 10 track list featuring MALCOLMSEF and production from Roc Marciano, Tone Beatz, Slide Beatz, Jake Case, 40s And Blunts Productions, Merge Beats and Es Ey El . Double Bubble opens up the pressure you are about to witness. Marxman’s hustle continues every track while beats are bodied with lyrical content.The songs Suenos, Mi Clasa, Still Laughing transition into a finale like a movie score.

Featured earlier this year Xp The Marxman has what seems to be an endless supply of bars for hip hop heads. The art is being masterfully crafted and we look forward to hearing more from Xp The Marxman in the future.

Quotable lines

“Seen the true nature of what a human could destroy for just a lil paper “

from Losses off of Make the Devil Pray

Watch Mi Clasa below.

XP The Marxman – Mi Clasa (Official Video)

Purchase: The Marxman-Mi Clasa – Prod by. Es_Ey_El. video shot and edited by @newvegasfi…

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