News| Da Baby Will Be Returning To Massachusetts After Horrific Beatdown At Centro Night Club In Lawrence

WORCESTER, MA – Da Baby will be returning to Massachusetts after the ghastly beatdown he delivered to a local artist by the name of Don Trag. Da Baby will be performing at the Palladium tonight amongst thousands of fans, with hope that when he shows up he actually performs this time. 

On May 3 of this year, Da Baby was scheduled to perform at Centro Night Club in Lawrence. I attended the event as media to do coverage, and arrived to a packed house (1600 people). There were several opening acts  including Don Trag. Don Trag was the last to perform amognst the openers. Apparently after his performance Don Trag went outside to smoke a cigarette, and saw Da Baby aand his team arriving. As Da Baby and his team approached the door Don Trag asked for a photo, when he was denied by security, Trag then put his had out to the security and asked again causing Da Baby’s entourage to take action. Meanwhile Centro Night Club’s owner, Paul Tarshi ordered the club to lock the doors and ordered everyone to put there phones away. Watch the video below.


After the incident Don Trag also as Donald Saladin has sinced pressed charges the “Suge” rapper. His mother has also spoken to local news entities in regard to her fear for her son’s health and safety.  Find out more about the lawsuit here.

Duke Castiglione on Twitter

Nerlande Saladin talking about the men that beat up her son, Don Trag, Saturday night at Lawrence Nightclub. Don Trag who’s real name is Donald Nerlande was opening for Da Baby at Centro Nightclub #wcvb

Da Baby has recently been sentenced in a North Carolina courtroom this past Thursday (June 27),  for his involvement in a fatal 2018 shooting.  Meghan McDonald, the Mecklenburg District Attorney’s Office spokeswoman said as a result of the judgment, Da Baby received one year of unsupervised probation.




  1. The article is an accurate representation of young aspiring talent failing to come together instead falling short and Waring with their very own..this causes a major divide in the young community especially sends the polar opposite picture of success as an unfortunate image that young society will follow. It’s almost sickening to see what jealousy and I’ll motivation will do to up and coming stars..while knowing how influential they could have been and how powerful messages can be directed towards violence and every direction except for in a positive one. Thanks for the read..sincerely Danielle

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