Unsigned Artists Sells Over 1k Face Masks In One Week

Unsigned Artists

8rookLyn 8atman has taken on the coronavirus by distributing over one thousand masks across the country. Just last week 8atman released his tea tree infused face masks that are used to help fight bacteria.

As 8atman continues to “bring our own weapons to fight,” 8atman has surpassed the goal has has envisioned, not only is he saving his community but it has masks are now being requested throughout the country.

“8rooklyn 8atman’s tea tree infused masks are much needed right now,” he says. Unlike your typical hand sanitizer and face mask, the tea tree face mask helps fight germs, viruses and fungi helping fight against the COVID -19 virus.

For those familiar with 8rooklyn 8atman, know him for being a socialite who wears his mask everywhere uniquely engaging with the celebrities making himself a man to remember. Before the COVID -19 out break 8atman was not only an artist but the man who worked behind the scenes for artist such as Fivio, Smookie Mangelia, Crazy Larry, the late Pop Smoke and more.

8atman is now transitioning to being the man in front of the camera touring with his latest project Seeds In The Concrete. 8atman hosts online sessions featuring his latest book Seeds In The Concrete embedded with a multimedia experience allowing you to scan the pages with your phone using the QR Scan app.

Hip Hop Philanthropist, 8rooklyn 8atman donates Corona Mask to Corona Victims.

Brooklyn native L Joevon, better known as the 8rookLyn 8atman is becoming a liberator in hip hop from his innovative steps taken to “save the world.” Last we…


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